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Adam : Reevaluation
Diary entry posted Thu 11:14am 9 October 2003

Well I found out a couple of interesting things. First off, I can't swim. I made it about two strokes before the pain became unbearable. I ended up using a a buoy and swimming a mile with arms only. My shoulders are tired, but itís a start.

I told my PT about this and she said it was time for a reevaluation of my flexibility. Now I would know just how far I've come.

Starting with my interior movement, I've gone from a flex position of -3 degrees to 5. I need to reach 7 to walk without any limp. Next came posterior movement. I've gone from 0 flexibility to 0 flexibility. That's right, no improvement at all. I doubled my range of motion for both inward and outward flexibility. My pt said that all this was pretty good.

The lack of posterior movement is what is causing my problems with swimming. She's said this is caused the fixation screws. So I guess this means that once I'm walking, pt stops, and once the screws come out in December, Iím back to pt.

More importantly, I feel great. My good day/ bad day ratio has gone up to 3 good for each bad. The swelling is confined to the point of fracture (unless I'm standing a lot). I'm spinning at intervals that were satisfactory when I was in training. And most importantly, I'm yet one week closer to being fully healed.

As usual, thanks for all your support. Good luck healing everyone.

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 Thu 11:14am 9 October 2003
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