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Adam : The Good and Bad
Diary entry posted Wed 3:35pm 24 September 2003

The past week has been an exciting one. It appears that a lot of good news, also comes with some bad:

The good: Iím up to a half a mile daily walk without crutches
The bad: I can only make this walk in sandals, so my leg is in pain.

The good: I can take the bus and the metro without any problems
The bad: Now that I donít use my crutches, nobody offers to give me a seat on the crowded metro

The good: I can walk up stairs one at a time
The bad: I need my second surgery in order to walk down them at the same pace

The good: The swelling is not as bad in my ankle anymore
The bad: The swelling on my ankle was covering up the swelling on my foot

The good: The PT gave me permission to spend as much time on my stationary bike as I want
The bad: They pushed me to hard with the weights, so I have to hold off on the biking

The good: Iíve been given permission to swim as much as I want
The bad: I canít convince my wife to drop me of at the pool and then come pick me up

The good: I sleep through the night without any pain
The bad: It hurts like heck early in the morning

Now for lots of good news:
1. The stiffness when I walk is going away. I still have a limp, but it appears to be disappearing more and more by the day.
2. I donít have to concentrate on every step I take
3. I can carry my girls upstairs to their bedrooms while they hug daddy
4. Iíve been cleared to take my family to Disney World to make up for the trip we lost in August
5. I should be biking as much as I want by Friday
6. Iíll be able to start driving again by Monday
7. I can get dressed standing up (I canít believe how much time this saves)
8. Iím lifting weights again
9. I donít have to sit with my foot on my desk
10. Iím not walking at a snailís pace anymore

So by and large, it has been an encouraging week. Iím very excited to gain full independence back when I begin driving. Thanks everyone, for all your support and enthusiasm.

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 Wed 3:35pm 24 September 2003
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