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Comment : you'll be back on your bike before you know it!
Posted by Dave_K on Sun 8:50pm 21 September 2003

Adam -

I had a similar injury while riding my bike (fell 6 inches - who woulda known what that could do to you - 1 plate 7 screws! See my story for the details)

I've been back on my bike now for about two weeks. I'm not riding the insane-o technical trails that I used to yet, but I'm riding none the less. I was a little worried at first, I thought about putting some platform pedals on instead of the clipless, but I just went ahead and rode with them. Figured I would have to use them at some point anyways right?

I've found that riding doesn't involve as much weight-bearing as a thought it would, and the swelling isn't all that bad. And let me tell you, IT FEELS GREAT!

Some people said I was nuts to get back on so quickly (non-bikers, every one of them. My biker friends are very encouraging!) but I say as soon as you can walk comfortably, get right back up there!

Good Luck with your recovery! and get ready to blast the dust of your bike!!

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 Sun 8:50pm 21 September 2003
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