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Diary entry posted Wed 7:43pm 12 March 2008

So last night I was being all mopey and whiny and today I am SO excited!!! I went into the OS today and they took off my cast. The dr came in and said everything looked good and he was going to put me in a cast for 2 more weeks. I must have moaned because he looked at me and asked if I could move my foot up and down. I did. He asked if it hurt, I said it didn't. "Alright, put her in a CAM walker". I could have jumped off the table, I was so surprised!! And then, he said 50% WB for a week, then 75% for a few days, then FWB!! I'm going back in 2 weeks for xrays. Dr said because I wasn't having any pain and was moving my foot so easily that it was healing very well. I probably won't put any weight on it right now. I'd rather wait until I see the PT to find out how to do it right. But I have set it down to balance myself a little.

I'm just so psyched because I kept telling myself that I would have the cast on for at least 2 weeks so that I wouldn't be disappointed. All the nurses and the dr laughed at me because I was so excited :) It doesn't take much!!

So now...I am waiting for my daughter to get done in the tub so that I can....drumroll please....TAKE A BATH!!! Did I mention I am excited??

When I got on here today, I almost felt like I shouldn't post this because sweet JenniferD was bumming because she has so much longer in the cast. But I realized that I was hopeful and excited for others when they got their casts off (jealous, yes, but still excited)and I know that when JenniferD gets hers off, I will celebrate with her!!

We WILL get through this!! 2008 has already been such a memorable year...

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 Wed 7:43pm 12 March 2008
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