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Comment : You'll get through this
Posted by Lynda on Fri 2:15pm 9 July 2004

First, don't be concerned about how long this seems to be taking. When I did my compound tib/fib thing, the os said 4 months until I was back to normal. And he was just about right about that. Now you only broke the tib but that's the weight bearing bone so you could be looking at close to that length of time too.

The swelling issue will probably be with you for quite some time dependong on how much soft tissue damage you did. You might try a support sock when you are out of the cast which will help with that.

Now about your trip.... call the airlines and tell them you have a broken leg and will need a wheelchair. I know you don't think you need one but it will help you get through lines quickly, through security, from gate to gate, etc. Believe me, you don't want to be standing in lines while you are on crutches.

Ask for at least a bulkhead seat or better yet, a seat where you can elevate that leg during the flight. I don't know where you are flying from so I don't know how long you will be in the air but try to move around during the flight if you can. Also tell your os you are flying and see if he wants you to take any precautions to prevent dvt.

Believe me, it does get better. It takes time but it does get better.

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 Fri 2:15pm 9 July 2004
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