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Aaron : Why I don't like in-line skating - Sub-Trochanter Femur FX
Diary entry posted Wed 12:53pm 26 May 2004

Just over a week ago, it was a nice sunny Sunday. I had just purchased a new long skateboard, and had been riding it all over town. Some friends of mine were in-line skating at an unsupervised half-pipe behind an abandoned hospital. I dropped by to see them. My skateboard was too long to work well on the half-pipe, so I did some "Extreme Walking" on the half-pipe. One of my friends suggested I try his in-line skates. I hadn't used them since I was about 9, so I put them on, and carefully tried to roll through the empty parking lot. I got about 15 feet. I couldn't figure out how to stop, and then I lost my balance.


I landed hard on my outer left butt-cheek. "Ouch, that hurt," I thought to myself, and tried to get my legs to one side and stand up. Then I felt searing and highly unpleasant pain in my upper left thigh. My leg literally felt like it was flopping around inside itself. I knew something was wrong and tried to move some more. It was excrutiatingly painful, but I managed to turn to lie on my right side in a position where my left leg slightly dangled, and the pain was not as severe as long as I didn't attempt to move my leg of its own accord.
I yelled out to my friends to call 911, and time really felt like it slowed down to a crawl. They called 911, but apparently 911 had taken the address of the hospital, which had shut down only a few months prior, OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM. The operator had my friend run around to the front of the building and find the address.
We thought it might just be dislocated.
I was able to relax, and lay there, listening to the sirens getting closer and closer.
Finally the fire engine showed up. They checked me out, made sure I had a pulse in my foot and could feel my toes, and said they were pretty sure it was a fracture. They started pushing morphine, which helped a good deal.
Right after about the 3rd 5ml dose of morphine, they put my leg into a tension splint, which was a kind of crutch that pushed up into my groin, then went past my foot and pulled my ankle to straighten the leg. I can't imagine it took them more than 30 seconds to put it on, but it felt like 30 minutes and was the most painful thing I've yet to experience.

They took me to the best hospital in the area, and I felt I received a very high level of care. My X-rays confirmed that I had a sub-Trochanter Femur fracture. That is, my femur had been broken in two a few inches below the bony knob where the bal joint meets the rest of the bone.

They told me my options were a plate or a rod, but it looked like a rod would be the best choice.

After drugging me for about 7 hours as they waited for the food I'd eaten prior to the accident to digest, they took me to the OR.

More to come later...

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 Wed 12:53pm 26 May 2004
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